Let's talk goals. These are my main four right now. I'm hoping that getting these down in writing will hold me accountable. 

Run a full marathon. This goal only popped up a few months ago, but it's one my mind won't let go of. When I ran my first half marathon in 2014, I thought that was the furthest distance I'd ever want to race. I was wrong. The thing with running is that once you do it enough, you become addicted. You constantly crave the next challenge. I'm addicted to how happy running makes me, how it pushes me harder than I ever knew I could and the feeling every time a finish line is crossed. I signed up for the Ogden Marathon in May. I've been afraid of saying it out loud because there's always that self-doubt about whether I can actually do it or not. I just need to quit worrying and start doing. Six more months!

Visit Iceland. This has been on the tip-top of my list forever. I dream of backpacking across Iceland and witnessing firsthand the glacial landscapes, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and northern lights. It looks like the most beautiful place. I always ask myself why this hasn't happened yet. I'm committed to making this trip a reality. Other places on my to-visit list: Morocco, Japan.

Expand my line of illustrated paper goods. Once upon a time, I used to design and illustrate my own calendars. I did it for three years and it was so rewarding to know that people liked my work and wanted to display it in their homes. I haven't had the time to do a lot of personal work lately but I want to grow my brand into more than what it currently is. I'd love to get my own line of paper goods going—calendars, prints, greeting cards, journals.

Run a race in every state. Yes, this one even sounds crazy to me, but I'd like to run a half marathon distance (or further) in every state. I can't even imagine what it would be like to attempt or complete this, but the thought of seeing and experiencing a portion of every state by running with my own two feet makes me excited. I've got two states down. Only forty-eight more to go.

What are some of your goals?