Ankle Update

It's been a month since I injured my ankle at the 25K (see photo above) and I'm still unsure about when I'll be able to run again. The day of the injury, I went to a local Instacare and the doctor diagnosed me with a lateral ankle sprain. She told me I overstretched and partially tore my anterior ligament, which I know now was not the case. But for a whole month, I've been believing I had some kind of grade 2 ankle sprain and treating it as such, when it wasn't. 

After a month of my ankle slowly getting more stable and less painful, there was still one concerning, underlying issue. It still popped. These pops would happen when my ankle or foot shifted positions, when I walked on uneven surfaces or sometimes even randomly. One thing that's always the same is that it's uncomfortable and surprising every single time. Some pops are more painful than others and leave my ankle sore and the bone tender to press. Even though the pops are now happening less frequently, I still get a pop almost every day and that is worrisome. I had no real answers into when I could run again and I needed clarity. I had an appointment with a sports medicine doctor today and he was able to give me more insight into my injury.

So what's wrong with my ankle? The sports doctor said I injured my peroneal tendons. He used the area of pain to determine it wasn't an anterior ligament sprain and thinks the popping and snapping sensations are from my tendons. They got stretched and irritated when I rolled my foot during the race and he believes they're now snapping against each other, which causes a popping feeling in my ankle. He said if left untreated, it could turn into tendonitis. Today, the nurse even made my ankle pop by applying pressure to the outside edge of my foot and asking me to press back into it. The room was so quiet that I audibly heard the popping sound.

I'll be doing physical therapy soon and am back in my ankle brace. We'll see if there's improvement in two weeks when I go back for a follow-up. If it's still popping, I might have to wear a boot. I wish I had seen a sports doctor in the first place and not a general Instacare doctor. It could have sped up my healing process if I was diagnosed properly in the beginning. I always had pain behind and around the back side of my ankle bone, not in front of it, which should have ruled out an anterior ligament sprain. There are tendons that run back behind the ankle which makes total sense with where my pain lies.

I went on a hike yesterday and my ankle popped four times.

I went on a hike yesterday and my ankle popped four times.

What this injury has taught me is patience. I'm trying to trust in this whole process. Knowing that I'll be going to physical therapy soon makes me feel a little more optimistic but I'm still sad about not being able to do what I love. I want to run, hike and be outdoors. I miss all of it. I won't be running the Salt Lake half this weekend and I'm not allowed to run until I'm fully healed and ready. I knew I loved running but didn't realize just how much until it was suddenly gone. It's only temporary though and I'll have to keep reminding myself of that. 


Let's talk goals. These are my main four right now. I'm hoping that getting these down in writing will hold me accountable. 

Run a full marathon. This goal only popped up a few months ago, but it's one my mind won't let go of. When I ran my first half marathon in 2014, I thought that was the furthest distance I'd ever want to race. I was wrong. The thing with running is that once you do it enough, you become addicted. You constantly crave the next challenge. I'm addicted to how happy running makes me, how it pushes me harder than I ever knew I could and the feeling every time a finish line is crossed. I signed up for the Ogden Marathon in May. I've been afraid of saying it out loud because there's always that self-doubt about whether I can actually do it or not. I just need to quit worrying and start doing. Six more months!

Visit Iceland. This has been on the tip-top of my list forever. I dream of backpacking across Iceland and witnessing firsthand the glacial landscapes, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and northern lights. It looks like the most beautiful place. I always ask myself why this hasn't happened yet. I'm committed to making this trip a reality. Other places on my to-visit list: Morocco, Japan.

Expand my line of illustrated paper goods. Once upon a time, I used to design and illustrate my own calendars. I did it for three years and it was so rewarding to know that people liked my work and wanted to display it in their homes. I haven't had the time to do a lot of personal work lately but I want to grow my brand into more than what it currently is. I'd love to get my own line of paper goods going—calendars, prints, greeting cards, journals.

Run a race in every state. Yes, this one even sounds crazy to me, but I'd like to run a half marathon distance (or further) in every state. I can't even imagine what it would be like to attempt or complete this, but the thought of seeing and experiencing a portion of every state by running with my own two feet makes me excited. I've got two states down. Only forty-eight more to go.

What are some of your goals?


Well, I finally did it. I'm starting fresh. It was time for an update to both my portfolio and blog and I'm excited to share that with you. This blog will focus on everything I love—design, illustration, running, travel and more. This time, things are going to get more personal.

I've always been a little scared of writing about who I am, but here's a start. For so long, my whole world was dedicated to graphic design and illustration. I studied graphic design in college and had the biggest dreams of becoming a prominent designer and illustrator. After graduating, I immediately jumped into that world and felt like I was on my way. I worked as a designer at two well-known studios in Salt Lake City but over time, I felt like something was missing. I was one of the youngest people on the team and wasn't taken seriously. I wanted more freedom to work on projects that inspired me. I wanted to develop my own work instead of somebody else's vision. I wanted more time to devote to other interests that I have. So five years later, I quit that job and decided to start my own business. That was 2.5 years ago and I've never been happier.

It's hard to leave a comfortable job and a steady paycheck, but in the past two years, I've worked on some amazing projects, refined my illustration style, presented my own concepts, sharpened up my talking-on-the-phone skills (though I admit it still needs work), dived into a completely unrelated job at lululemon athletica (that I love), ran five half marathons (and signed up for my first full!), fell in love with trail running and figured out who I want to be in the process. I'm not just a designer and illustrator anymore. I'm so much more than that. I want to live life freely. I want to inspire people and challenge myself. I might not make a ton of money on my own but I don't have to. And I wouldn't change a thing.