April Adventures

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May has started off pretty crazy, so my April adventure post is coming a bit late, but it's better late than never, right?! Here are some highlights of last month.

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I started cycling again! I mentioned in my March adventure post that I've been a little apprehensive of getting back on my bike in the past couple of years due to a bike accident in 2012. Recently, I've found courage in getting back on the bike, especially if I'm riding with others and if it's in areas where it's more bike-friendly. Cycling is also a great way to cross-train for running so I plan on doing it more. The photo above was from a ride up Emigration Canyon to Little Mountain Summit.

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I've been going on more solo trail runs in April. I love having that time to myself to just be. Being out on the trail feels like home to me. I like the feeling of being in the mountains where it's only me and my thoughts. There's something so calming about feeling the dirt under my feet, getting into a rhythm and experiencing the surroundings, no matter how fast or slow it takes me.

On April 21st, I ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon and ran a new PR! Spoiler alert: I just ran a half marathon this past weekend (May 12) and got a PR again... SO crazy. I still need to formulate my thoughts on that race, so that recap will be coming soon, but if you want to read about how the Salt Lake City half went, the recap is here.

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A few days after the race, Geof and I ran/hiked to Mount Van Cott for the first time. We have a fun goal this summer to summit all of the notable peaks in the Wasatch that run along the valley, going from north to south. We don’t care how small or tall they are. Mount Van Cott is at an elevation of 6351 feet and is one of the smaller peaks, but was so fun and so pretty nonetheless.

Along with all of the trail adventures, April brought many road miles as well. I have a marathon in June that I don't feel fully prepared for, but did make some progression in training for that in the last month. I did more interval runs and ran two 18-mile training runs (the latter being my most successful long run to date). I feel like I'm making some good progress with my running overall. Less stress + more fun = stronger running!