Experticity Murals

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to create a set of murals for Experticity, a local business that was expanding their space and wanted some artwork done for their new floor. Experticity helps brands and retailers improve retail conversations through education, product seeding and by offering first-hand product experience to retail sales associates and category-specific experts. 

Each mural measures approximately 9' tall by 7' wide with a large conference room set in between them. Mural one is all about their company. Experticity has an impressive roster of clients and this mural shows the wide variety of categories their clients work in, ranging from the outdoors, fitness, footwear, biking, apparel, beauty, snow sports, fishing, tools, sports, kitchenware, pets—and the list goes on. Their tagline is front and center and the Boston Building, where they're located, plays a big part in the design.

The second mural is based around Utah. Experticity is very culture driven and a lot of that is due to being located in Utah. This side shows iconic symbols and elements of Utah, including Delicate Arch, bees, bison, the state bird (gull) and state flower (sego lily). Utah is known for its visual landscape and that's shown throughout both murals with mountains, trees and plant life.

The two murals are brought together through some recurring themes—color, style and bolts, which are a trademark of the company. The whole physical process of getting the murals up on the walls took six hours of tracing and over thirty-five hours of painting. It was longer than I anticipated but all of the late nights and hours spent working on it was so worth it.

I'm super excited and happy about how these turned out. They were my first murals ever and I've caught the bug. While painting these, I kept thinking about how rewarding it was. Murals are definitely something I'd love to do more of. It's such an amazing experience to design and work on something from start to finish and see it out to fruition.