March Adventures

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Happy April! I know, I've been terrible with blogging. I think doing a monthly recap post might make it easier for me to update, so here's a summary of the month of March, to recap some of the things I've been up to. I still want to do dedicated blog posts for more major events that are coming up, like when I try again for a sub 4:00 marathon (in June) and when I run my first ultra (which will be later this year!). Anyway, here's a quick summary of March.

In the beginning of March, I was still battling a cold that I got in February. It slowed down my running a lot for the year, but I still managed to get out on some trail adventures. The first week of March also brought a lot of snow. Trail running on snow is so difficult, even with microspikes! In the photos below, we set out on a long run but had to cut it short because a lightning storm rolled in. It was pretty to see this pink sunset before it came in.

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The weather in Utah is pretty unpredictable. By the next weekend, our Sunday run looked like this. It was dry and perfect conditions. All of the snow had melted.

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The following weekend, we headed to Bozeman, Montana for our first race of the year. On Saint Patrick's Day, we ran the Run To The Pub Half Marathon. It was blustery and cold that morning. When we woke up, it was 19° and the race was in the 27° range, with 71% humidity. The course had rolling hills and a lot of very long straights. I didn't feel super comfortable for the majority of the run. I felt like I never really got into a rhythm, at least not until after mile 10. Geof and I ran most of the race together, but he ran ahead after mile 10. Miles 11 through 13 were my fastest so maybe I enjoyed running without Geof (haha) or maybe I was getting so chilled that I ran faster to get done! Either way, it felt good to get our first race of the year completed. Despite my lack of running in the previous month, I still felt steady and consistent for the whole race. Final chip time—1:58:39.

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We had to wait in line at the timing booth for an hour after to find out my official result. My time wasn't showing up in the results online when I finished and we wanted to make sure my chip didn't malfunction. Luckily it didn't; it was just delayed! This race also gave out four trips to Ireland at the end, but Geof and I didn't wait around to hear if our names got pulled in the drawing. We were so cold and shivering and needed to get back to the hotel to warm up. Side note: If you're ever in downtown Bozeman, stay at The Lindley House. It was the coziest bed & breakfast, within walking distance to downtown and the owner was so nice!

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Downtown Bozeman was cute and quaint. There are so many restaurants and shops in a walkable distance. In our two-and-a-half days spent there, we had really good vegetable ramen, huckleberry ice cream and I bought a new pair of running shoes at the local running store (Bozeman Running Company was doing 20% for runners so I purchased the Kinvara 9, in case you're wondering!). We loved having no sales tax in Montana, but it felt good to return home to Izzy pup after the short weekend.

The next week, we had friends in town from Idaho who came to Salt Lake City to go shopping for a road bike. Looking at road bikes with them made me want to get back on mine again. Did you know my first love used to be road biking before I got into running? It's true! I used to road bike primarily in 2010 to 2012, but after an accident where I got hit by a car and broke my collarbone, I haven't been back on the bike as much. After I healed up, I went on less frequent rides but then discovered my love of running. I needed something that didn't scare me as much because riding in traffic still made me a little nervous, and it still does. It's been a few years and I've done some rides since then, but I still want to hop back on and start canyon riding again (that way I can stay away from city traffic).

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Of course, March didn't end with more trail running! And just this week, I decided to do something spontaneous and signed up for a 50K race in Moab in November. It'll be my first ultra and I'm nervous but so excited. I've got almost eight months to train for it and am up for the challenge. I'll keep you updated on how it all goes.

Winter Adventures

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Happy new year! I can't believe it's already 2018. The last few months of 2017 went by way too fast. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the rest of last year.

Mount Wire. This was mine and Izzy dog's first time up to this summit. The hike is about 4.5 miles roundtrip and offers over 2,000 feet in elevation gain. It's a quick one if you want to escape the city for a little bit. 

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Millcreek Canyon. This is a spot we frequent. Geof and I have an annual pass to Millcreek Canyon so we try to make it up there for a trail run or hike whenever we can. We like starting at the Burch Hollow trailhead and running up to Elbow Fork. For this outing, we ran up on the trail and ran back down on the snow-covered road (they close the higher gate during winter so a lot of people like to snowshoe or walk their dogs on the road behind the gate).

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Thankful 13 Half Marathon. For the past three Thanksgivings, we've ran the Thankful 13 in Lehi. This is the one race of the year that Geof and I always run together. This year the course was changed. There were a few more small hills and the course didn't overlap on itself as much as previous years. I love our tradition of turkey trotting together each Thanksgiving. I finished the race this year in 1:53:44.

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Mount Aire. This is also up in Millcreek Canyon. We did our usual run from Burch Hollow to Elbow Fork, where the trailhead for Mount Aire begins. The hike to the summit of Mount Aire is a steady climb and it was so muddy! Mount Aire is 3 miles roundtrip and almost 2,000 feet in gain. After going back down to Elbow Fork, we took the Terraces trail back to the car to make it a fun loop that ends up being 10 miles.

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Avenues Twin Peaks. This is an easy trail to get to and get above the winter inversions. Once you get to the top, you have an overlook of the whole city.

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